How To Ask for the Sale – Part 1 | How To Close Deals With Design Clients

How can I ask clients for new business without it being uncomfortable? I’m not good at sales, how do I ask? How To Seal The Deal With Clients & Build Long Term Relationships.

Guage the relationship of potential clients: affinity & Vibe, Checking if business can be done and if you can afford the service. For what Jose says about investing time to plant goodwill and trust, it definitely works and you’ll reap karma equity.

When Chris facilitates with people he builds that ‘goodwill and karmic equity’ by being willing to put away all personal interests if its not a good fit, or its not what the client actually needs. Hunter versus Planter of Opportunities, both different but like Jose said, a good mix of both makes for good business.

Worlds Collide as cold hard business man Chris Do goes head to head with laid-back, spiritual Jose Caballer.

Long time friends and business partners from different worlds discuss lead generation, getting to know people, closing the sale, active listening, establishing yourself as a professional and building Karmic Equity.

Part 2 is Here:

Best quote from the episode: “Queue bong…”



2:55 Jose’s method of establishing business relationships (Karmic Equity)
6:56 Chris’s method of actively asking for the sale
9:00 Determine if the potential client is a good business prospect
10:12 Find creative ways to ascertain the prospect’s budget
11:15 When you are selling directly to someone creating a profile of the person can help
11:49 Practice the skill of building rapport
12:50 People are just as afraid of you as you are of them
13:18 Recap: Chris’s Tips
13:28 Recap: Jose’s Tips – Deliver a lot of love and be less transactional
16:05 Chris’s Point of View: Get over the fear of the ask. Get to the yes or no
16:44 Jose’s Counterpoint: You need to do a mixture of both (building karmic equity and active selling) or you will suffer
17:43 How to scaffold towards asking for a sale (Demonstration)

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How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie


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