Overcoming Client Objections in Sales

How to overcome client objections? Why do I lose project bids? What do I need to do to win clients?

Jose Caballer and Chris Do tackle the difficult issue of closing the sale.


1:08 Shift the conversation away from dollar amount and give it context.
1:50 Roleplay: Overcoming price objections
6:05 Clarify and surface clients underlying objections
7:35 Spend time learning what the real problem to solve is, and be ready to change what you are selling to accommodate when you hit a barrier
8:50 Find the problems, challenges, and needs as it pertains to the person you are talking to
9:45 If you are a solopreneur or don’t have a large office space for meetings, dress sharp, and go to your clients office
10:45 Don’t focus on the aesthetics: focus on what the business objectives are
11:33 Enlist the help of the company advocate to reposition the service a create a proposal that makes sense.
12:30 Point out the asymmetrical logic when it comes to services
14:12 For much larger bids, if you have a qualified network, assemble an all-star team of experts to lend credibility to your bid
18:06 If you don’t have that network, reach out to people who you believe can be mutually benefited from your proposition
19:35 People will pay a premium for the insurance of getting things done as expected (or better than)
19:52 The Punch: Create a Top 7 Reasons/Strengths List of why your client should award you the bid
21:10 Get References: ask for clients to be a reference if they are over the moon with the experience before ending the engagement
21:45 Be Yourself, be authentic
21:30 Q: How do you deal with the ‘no’?
26:16 If you were referred but still got a no, you can try enlisting the referrer into influencing the decision with the client
27:59 How to deal with ‘Not right now’
30:00 If the person you are talking to personally wants to do the deal, but for other reasons, their higher ups wouldn’t sit well with it, see if you can enlist their help to frame your offer to assuage their objections and exceed their expectations
31:17 Brake down the project in a way that makes them more comfortable to get them on-board
32:50 Manage expectations of everyone on the team with live feedback throughout the process

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