Brit Apartment

Sergey Makhno Architecs   •   We art the world!BRIT APARTMENTFor English girl in Kyiv.Type: private apartment | Area: 150 sq.m | Location: Kyiv, UkraineBrit Apartment is an apartment for a London college student who decided to come back to her native Kyiv. From England, she will bring the habit of having breakfast with oatmeal and strong…


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IQ-77-SL Apartment

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Classic Vibes

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Dezest architecture&designYOU COME FIRSTMODERN MEGAPOLIS APARTMENTSType: Private residence | Location: Moscow, Russia | Area: 170 sq.m. | Designers: Elena Kisenko, Yevheniia Kudria, Sergey SomkintaskWe had apartments in the very center of the metropolis, in which it was necessary to create an atmosphere of tranquility and solitude. At home, owners should be both at the epicenter of…

Apartment Silver park

Project: Apartment Silver parkDesign: Greinge StudioVisualization: Anastasia ReznichenkoLocation: MoscowYear: 2019

Mumbai Oasis

Busov Hill Apartment

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Elegance and Comfort

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