How To Scale Your Business, Multiply Your Time, and Delegate

I Can Do It Myself Faster Than Anyone Else. Have you ever said to yourself, “In the time it takes me to explain this to someone else, I would have already finished the task by myself?” Do you believe that no one else can do something better or faster than you? Well, you my friend, suffer from the Entrepreneur’s Curse. If you want to grow your company, scale it beyond yourself, you will have to learn how to delegate work and manage others.

You will have to formalize your process into 5 steps so that I others can repeat it. In this way, you will have a shared conceptual framework to which others can work independently from you.

‪When looking at a storyboard sequence ask the following:‬
‪1. Is it clear or confusing? Be clear.‬
‪2. Is it interesting or boring? Make it dramatic.‬
‪3. Does it flow from moment to moment? Remove nonsequitors.‬
‪4. Do the moments add up to reveal something new?‬
‪5. Can transitions help?‬

On this cutdown, Ran Segall, YouTube host, and full stack designer, asks Chris Do for some business advice and mentoring.

Ran Segall


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