Young Guns: Learning How To Learn, Lack of Motivation, Specialize or Generalize… Ep. 8

How do you learn more efficiently? How do you overcome feeling burnt out? Do you need to specialize if you want more clients?

Young guns get coached by Chris Do.

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Meet the Young Guns:👇

Sharif El Komi Egypt

Connor Fowler UK

Spencer Fraye USA

Arun Sharma India

05:20 – Arun
08:20 – How should I position myself?
13:05 – More sales or more work you like to do
17:00 – It’s not for forever, it’s for right now
22:24 – No one will remember you if you’re doing a million things
26:36 – How do I get out of a slump
33:16 – Live a life you love
37:01 – Boredom is the precursor to creativity
39:56 – Don’t go into something you’re not ready for
41:15 – Design your life
44:49 – Drop everything else in your life and focus on what’s going to better it
54:58 – How to build rapport while being an introvert
1:01:05 – Write the character you want to be for the rest of your life
1:03:30 – Change someone’s life for the better
1:07:04 – Talk to strangers
1:09:00 – How do you determine the price for a service?
1:12:00 – Opportunist
1:27:04 – How do I learn
1:32:00 – You can teach the internet
1:34:00 – F.A.S.T.
1:37:00 – What would you do if you ran Blind by yourself?
1:40:01 – What’s 1 thing I should be doing?


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