How to Get Clients – Lead Generation & Close Sales

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Chris and Jose talk about the sales process in the design business world: generating leads, closing, delivering, and following up.

• How you get leads
• How you get clients and how you close a project.
• How you build “relationships” instead of just “clients”

Learn how to have great customer service and how to guide clients through the sales process. Learn how to make sales by listening to your clients and understanding the roadblocks to making the sale. Listening and being confident are critical to making sales and getting clients. The best way to generate leads is by asking clients for referrals.


1:50 Get involved: become part of a non-profit in your area
2:01 Most of your sales should come from referrals
4:11 Blog about what you do, follow what others are sharing online in the industry and submit topics that you can speak about at conferences
4:52 Q: What to do when your so busy with work that you can’t do lead generation?
6:13 Scenario: How to close a sale when the client has objections
8:00 Listening and confidence can help you to sell better
9:45 Create contracts for deliverables
12:59 Having a great customer experience for the client is paramount
14:00 Bring up potential problems upfront and work it out in the contract to reduce friction
14:44 Freestyling is not a good idea. Develop a process or guideline to get the job done
16:09 How to follow up with a client after completion of the project

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