Designing Posters and Landscapes in Photoshop with Magdiel Lopez – 1 of 3

Tune in with artist Magdiel Lopez on Adobe Live as he works in Adobe Photoshop. Share ideas with Magdiel as he creates portrait posters and surreal landscapes – plus watch as he brings them to life!

Magdiel Lopez is an artist and creative director born in Cuba, living in Dallas, Texas.

Host Ryan Dumlao is a Product Manager on the Adobe Photoshop team.

Magdiel Lopez:

Ryan Dumlao:


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Intro: 1:30
Gathering resources: 8:00
Work begins: 13:00
Selecting the subject: 16:00
Changing brush blending modes: 22:00
Using the channels panel to select elements: 25:00
Choosing colors: 34:20
Adding in flowers: 1:02:00
Smudge tool settings: 1:19:00
Cutting portraits: 1:41:00


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