Confidence, Culture, Gender Roles around Money

Why is talking about money so difficult for creatives? How do you deal with common client objections surrounding money?

Chris & Jose welcome designer and TOGETHER Conference co-Producer Rocio Villalobos for a conversation about Money.

The trio discusses attitudes about money, how men and women see money differently, how we develop our attitudes about money and how to change those attitudes.


4:00 It’s about finding a balance between money and art
5:20 Conscious business is about intentionally working towards an end goal that influences the way your business operates
8:19 Jose’s childhood experience: you have to disconnect the emotional ties of money to grow larger successful businesses
12:03 Rocio’s childhood experience: you have to fill in the gaps of what you need to learn about business and perspectives on money
14:00 Chris’s childhood experience: Work hard now, work a lot less later
15:45 The main thing is to have a North Star or guiding principal
16:25 We are where we are (now) through the journey that we took so we should be grateful for that.
16:30 The motivation of a business to operate solely from financial incentives hinders the ability for that business to make a greater impact
18:03 Money is a reflection of what you think about yourself and the value that you provide
22:16 You have to love yourself the most: Don’t allow someone else to control your own happiness
22:45 Self Development: Find your good qualities and work on things that you want to improve
24:50 Get a business mentor/coach to get you to your end goal
26:20 Roleplay: Negotiating price in a business project bid
32:30 Overcoming objections, embrace+pivot, escalating levels of commitment and get comfortable talking about money
34:30 Don’t use money to validate yourself, but use it to validate your idea/product. Is it viable?
35:40 Don’t focus on money. Deliver value.

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