Welcome, today I designing dope poster art in this speed art video. You will see my full process of designing a 3D poster design from start to finish, and at the very end see my graphic design poster art design mocked up in 2 different scenarios as if printed out. So sit back and enjoy watching my dope 3D poster design and let me know what you think about my poster artwork at the very end.

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I started my 3D poster design in Adobe Illustrator. I used Illustrator because I prefer how the pen tool works in that program as apposed to Photoshop. I had a clear vision for my dope poster design so I did not spend so much time on sketching it out. I have designed a few poster designs in the past and one more recently which you can find on my channel.

When I had the segments drawn out in Illustrator for my 3D poster artwork, I then moved them to Photoshop to create the shadows and highlights. The shadows and highlights are crucial in designing this 3D poster artwork and as you can see I took quite a lot of time on this part of the design process. So I hope you did find watching the process of designing dope poster art interesting, and enjoyed it just as much as I did designing it! Until next time design your future today, peace!

I had fun designing this dope poster art and I am quite proud with the final artwork outcome. If you enjoyed watching me make dope poster art in Illustrator and Photoshop let me know in the comments sections and drop a like on this video, it really helps small channels like mine to grow. Also if you really liked how this 3D poster design came out share it to someone else who may share the same opinion. If I get a good response on this poster artwork video then I will make similar ones in the coming weeks.

Any ideas for future videos?? Comment in the comment section and I will look into it.

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