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Patrik Schumacher on the Metaverse & Virtual Cities | Zaha Hadid Architects

In conversation with Patrik Schumacher, the Principal architect of Zaha hadid Architects. He talks about the metaverse, what it means for the profession of...

Patrik Schumacher The Designed Environment as Mind Expansion

talk delivered at ANFA, the Academy Neuroscience for Architecture Abstract: Abstract: Architecture has always functioned as mind expansion, as accrued spatial matrix that facilitates the navigation...

PATRIK SCHUMACHER: Cyber Space and the Autopoiesis of Architecture// 03.19.21

Cyberspace is where all the architectural action and innovation will be happening in the coming period. Any design project in this space involves all...

Escape from the Malthusian Trap, Patrik Schumacher

some astonishing facts of quantitative economic history and a thought provoking thesis ... this is a pecha kucha style summary presentation of economic...

Future Forward. Patrik Schumacher, Zaha Hadid Architects

The RIBA’s annual national conference for practitioners, Smart Practice has a forward-looking, strategic focus. It is designed to appeal to architects working in practices...

Patrik Schumacher: The fusion of urban and virtual spaces

10 min talk about the idea of a 'Cyber-Urban Incubator' at websummit source UCHtOMWLu66c72a0dR-yCUCw

Patrik Schumacher: Architecture for the New China

lecture given for DOMO, Brazil & Architecture Hunter source UCHtOMWLu66c72a0dR-yCUCw

Patrik Schumacher: Expanding Architecture's Core Competency

illustrated online talk at the DC I/O Design Computation Conference source UCHtOMWLu66c72a0dR-yCUCw