PATRIK SCHUMACHER: Cyber Space and the Autopoiesis of Architecture// 03.19.21

Cyberspace is where all the architectural action and innovation will be happening in the coming period. Any design project in this space involves all of the three parts of the architect’s project I have distinguished in my theory of architecture: the organizational project, the phenomenological project and the semiological project. The semiological project is crucial: While all urban spaces are never only mere physical containers that carry and channel bodies but always already also information-rich navigation and interaction spaces, this information-rich communicative charge and capacity is the very essence of all cyberspaces. To design architectural projects, real or virtual, implies the development of a grammar empowered spatio-visual language, with a much enhanced communicative capacity, to create navigable and legible information-rich environments for multiply layered societal interaction forms, purposes and audiences.




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