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Patrik Schumacher: Architecture for the New China

lecture given for DOMO, Brazil & Architecture Hunter sourceUCHtOMWLu66c72a0dR-yCUCw

Patrik Schumacher: Expanding Architecture's Core Competency

illustrated online talk at the DC I/O Design Computation Conference sourceUCHtOMWLu66c72a0dR-yCUCw

Patrik Schumacher on 'Cyberspace and the Idea of Virtual Architecture'

Keynote address at the online conference: Connecting Life Spaces, hosted by The Times of India, Mumbai, India sourceUCHtOMWLu66c72a0dR-yCUCw

Rem Koolhaas – OMA: Recent Works

Lecture date: 2001-10-11Rem Koolhaas discusses recent OMA projects including the commission for the Seattle Public Library. Koolhaas also reflects on the legacy of...

Parametricism by Patrik Schumacher and Rosey Chan | Virtual Design Festival | Dezeen

Composer and pianist Rosey Chan teamed up with architect Patrik Schumacher of Zaha Hadid Architects to create this short movie that sets parametric architectural...

OMA now preoccupied with "the countryside and preservation" says Rem Koolhaas

See more architecture and design movies on Dezeen: Koolhaas explains how his preoccupations have shifted from urbanism and the city to preservation...

Patrik Schumacher (September 13, 2010) Part 1 of 2

Eric Owen Moss introduces Patrik Schumacher, comparing him to Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Zaha Hadid, Don Quixote, and Philip Johnson.Schumacher declares his soon-to-be-published book...

Spin Room : David Ruy : Political hour (September 7, 2019)

David Ruy is joined by Marrikka Trotter, Craig Hodgetts, Jeffrey Johnson, Jerry Newman and Dana Cuff to discuss how architecture might engage in politics. sourceUC5vCTVwd5puwlYY76SC7FGQ

David Ruy: MS Synthetic Landscapes

SCI-Arc’s EDGE Postgraduate Programs Chair David Ruy introduces the MS Synthetic Landscapes postgraduate program at SCI-Arc. The Master of Science in Synthetic Landscapes is...