🔴 RAW: First Client Meeting— What should you do? AMA w/ Chris Do

How should you prepare to have your first meeting with a prospective client? Are there things you can do to get ready for a client meeting? Do you have a clear agenda or goal for the meeting?

First meeting worksheet (from the Skool). we are working on a new one.

Selling Strategy & Overcoming Objections in Sales:


01:30 Always have a goal, what do you want to get from the meeting?
02:33 A good salesperson seeks to understand the customer’s real problem
03:14 Establish Rapport: Be attentive, honest, responsive and curious
04:20 Diagnose: During a client meeting, you’re trying to get insight into their business challenges, and customer lives.
06:08 Insight is distilled inspiration
07:00 When the client says I need a new logo, how should you respond?
08:25 Getting to underlying causes: What business objective are we trying to solve?
09:37 Clarifying Business Objectives
10:44 Follow up: What’s getting in the way of your objectives?
12:06 Solutions: How can we overcome these obstacles? What needs to happen?
14:04 What metrics will be used to measure the success of this initiative?
16:52 Unspoken Client Objections: If you were to work with us, what would keep you up at night?
18:15 Summary & wrap up
22:15 Thank the client for the opportunity and time.
23:20 Follow-up immediately
24:10 How do you handle unresponsive clients?
25:30 How do you handle a client that sends too many emails?
26:30 When you are in a meeting, what type of notes do you take?
29:33 How do you ask better questions if clients aren’t able to communicate their problems?
30:33 How do you manage a client who tries to micromanage you?
32:05 Is it okay to record your meetings with your clients?
33:27 What are the core differences between B2B and B2C clients?
34:22 How do you decline a potential clients low budget?
35:00 How do you find bigger clients than you are currently working with?
36:08 In the first meeting, how do you balance pitching and selling your skills?
37:15 How do you treat clients who come to you as a referral versus seeking them out?
38:16 Is it okay to ask for a budget before you send a bid proposal of your own?
39:30 How often do you check in on a client that’s getting a budget nailed down?
40:22 What is a good tone and voice when a client is too hard to handle?
41:49 When a client asks for your rates, how do you spin it to ask them their budget range?
43:05 Join The Futur Pro Group Community
44:00 How do you convince a client to do strategy as a first step?
45:45 Where do your first best meetings take place?
47:06 What are some red flags for potential bad clients?
48:24 How do you not talk like a used car salesman when talking to the client?
51:00 Roleplay: Budget Ranges
53:34 Is there a value in getting to know the client personally?
57:49 Why theFutur Exists
58:30 If you’re bidding a job, how do you win out over your competitor?
1:01:06 How do you do business with family and friends?
1:03:25 How do you deal with a client who thinks they know more than you?
Creative Strategy & The Business of Design
101 Things I Learned in Business School

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