Live Character Animation with Isaac Holk & Dusty Gridley (Ch) – 3 of 3 – PART 1

Join Illustrator Isaac Holk and Motion Graphics Artist Dusty Gridley on Adobe Live as they use Character Animator to teach you a fun and fast approach to 2D animation. Today, they design and animate a new character using Illustrator Draw and Character Animator as special guest and Zookeeper founder, Dave Waite, joins the stream to share insights into the animation industry!

Isaac and Dusty both work as designers and motion graphics artists at Zookeeper. Zookeeper is an animation studio founded by Dave Waite that focuses on well crafted stories and clever animations to compel brand experiences and grow audiences. They specialize in short-form, ‘snack-able,’ animations with a focus on branding.

Character Animator uses facial performance capture to give users a fresh, fun, and fast approach to 2D animation. The latest release offers faster workflows and animation refinements.


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Recap: 1:38
Work begins: 7:23
Pitching a project: 37:45

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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