What is User Experience Design? What is the difference between UX Design and UI Design in 2018?

What is UX design? The term UX design is often used incorrectly and interchangeably with UI design. What’s the difference between UX and UI design? How does this relate to branding? Are they the same thing?

The Futur’s Ben Burns wants to make sure we have a common language before showing practical steps on how to do UX design properly.


04:41 Intro
06:30 What do the experts say about User experience?
08:24 UX Design – My Definition
10:21 Do what you can to make people feel great when they use your stuff.
10:49 UX Design requires interaction – you’re only controlling 51% of the relationship.
11:30 UX Design requires iterative validation – repeated testing
12:19 Q: What makes our users feel good?
12:59 User Profiles – Who are you designing for?
14:15 Top five questions you should ask for UX design
16:05 Q: What’s the difference between an interaction designer and a product designer?
17:20 Q: How does UX work for client services?
18:17 Q: Is a user profile and a target audience the same thing?
19:35 Q: Are there multiple ways to explore the goal of interaction?
20:53 What variables can we control?
21:30 You control your output, but you don’t control their input.
22:35 Williams Sonoma – Customer Experience
24:00 We seek to engineer emotions.
25:50 Website Breakdown – Ecommerce Website UI Prototype
35:05 UX Design disciplines – What is UX Design?
38:14 UX Disciplines – Simplified
39:47 UX Design Process – how to design a user experience?
40:20 Q: How do you handle a client who doesn’t want to pay for user experience?
41:16 Q: Why is the Nike wireframe not UX?
43:10 Q: So where does UX get represented and defined?
45:35 Q: Should the UX design be within the brand guidelines?
47:49 Caveat: User experience can happen outside of client work.
49:40 Q: When you make recommendations to the UX, how do you convey the value/overcome objections?
50:39 Data is the key: UX design is a scientific process – hypothesize, test, measure results and iterate.
52:00 Q: When in the process of branding, does UX come into play?
56:00 Q: Why begin here? – Use the same language to talk about things.
58:28 Ideate – Profiling, discovery, test and validate.
1:00:18 Once you validate, you keep testing.

Variables we can control:

Smells, Sounds, Visuals, Tactiles, Tastes, Message/Vibe

UX Disciplines

Visual design, sound design, physical design, message/vibe, interaction design, info design.

The Top UX Design Questions:

What is the user’s goal in this interaction?
Why does the user want to accomplish the goal?
What tools does the user need?
What happens if the user cannot finish the mission? What’s at stake?


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