Designing a Hiking Mobile App with Brittney Urich – 2 of 2

Join Experience Designer and content strategist Brittney Urich on Adobe Live as she designs a hiking mobile app. This week, Brittney will teach you how to build a seamless, engaging and informative user experience using a design system!

Brittney Urich is an Experience Designer living and working in Denver, Colorado. She is passionate about crafting digital experiences that solve problems in a human-centered, empathetic way.


Join us LIVE on Behance:
Check out part 1:

Overview of the plan for the stream: 6:45
Work begins: 12:05
Design systems and components 16:45
Tip for quickly accessing layers: 19:30
Prepopulating with multiple images: 53:15
Overview of the work covered: 1:49:40



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