Positioning Yourself and Your Business | Defining Your Brand

Chris Do and Jose Caballer talk about how to position yourself and your business to maximize your value and increase your happiness by defining your brand.

Learn how to analyze and dissect the positioning and design strategies of powerful brands like: Harley Davidson, Lululemon and Adidas. Learn strategic and tactical skills you can use to grow your business with messaging like the famous commercials campaigns by the apple brand in the 80s & 90s.

As creatives, we often have a large variety of skills with which we believe we can offer to potential clients as value. What most clients are looking for, however, is specific expertise. While no one is advocating for giving up on being a well-rounded creator with many abilities, we do advocate for being extremely specific in your targeting when seeking new accounts with customers. Once they’re hooked, you can offer your other skills when the client presents a problem that’s relevant to said skills.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind By Al Ries


00:48 What is Brand Positioning?
01:50 Scarcity, Demand & Convenience
02:47 Apple: Priced Based Positioning
03:25 Positioning apple with innovators
04:58 The three components of positioning (Talent, Love, Paid For)
07:31 When you align your skill set with the right customer/industry, you will naturally provide better value.
08:55 Summary

Key Takeaways:

Pricing and location can be a big marker in positioning.
It’s hard to claim expertise in many areas, pick one thing that you are good at.
When you find your ideal customers: Match & Mirror. (Look, tone, and messaging).
Say it: Stake a claim in the marketplace and show them what value you provide.

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