Podcast: Follow Your Passion w/ Trung Bao

How did this 19 year old ignore the conventional path to follow his passion and pursue his dreams and live a creative life? On this podcast, beatboxer and design student Trung Bao joins Chris Do and shares his stories about coming to America to live the dream.

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Trung Bao
@tbaocreate on IG


01:15 Introduction
02:22 Q: Where are you from and how did you get into beatboxing?
02:55 Q: (Chris), did you ever have a moment when you discovered you wanted to do design?
04:10 He’s not looking for permission or approval. He in his heart knows what he needs to do.
04:22 Q: Are your parents supportive of you?
07:00 Q: What Kind of skils do you need in order to beatbox?
10:10 Q: What’s your thought process when beatboxing and improvising?
11:36 Q: How long did it take for beatboxing to become as natural as speaking?
11:48 Q: How did people respond to you, when you started beatboxing in vietnam?
13:50 Q: How did you feel about competing against your idol?
16:15 What’s Hellofresh?
16:50 Q: Where was the last place that you competed?
18:32 Trung’s first beatbox set against tyler
19:44 Q: How did you do in the competition?
19:52 As much as beatboxing is audio, its also visual performance art
21:00 Q: Do judges base scoring of beatboxers performances subjectively?
22:10 Q: How did you come up with your signature sound?
24:19 Q: Where can listeners find you / your music?
24:49 Q: Is learning about design difficult for you?

Key Takeaways:

Pursue your dream, don’t be boxed in by anyone else definition of what you should be.
You never really fail, unless you let that be your final try.
In boredom, you become more creative, so make space to not be busy all the time.
Rest enough so that your subsconscious can solve some of the problems for you.

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