Live UI/UX Design with Catherine Wang 3 of 3

Join web and graphic designer Catherine Wang as she completes the user experience and prototype for the fictional sound recording app “VOX” in Adobe XD! Today she will finish the face ID sign in, splash screen, notification icons and text tabs before wireframing the user experience in prototype mode. Stick around to learn how to create an amazingly clean & intuitive prototype in Adobe XD!

Catherine is a web designer at Apple in Sunnyvale, California. She enjoys daily UI challenges and has a knack for storyboarding & iconography!


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Overview of work so far: 1:20
Design work begins: 30:00
How to export assets in XD: 1:04:30
Basic textures and assets in XD: 1:17:10
The best song ever, pt. 2: 1:51:25

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