Patrik Schumacher – Parametric Urbanism

Lecture date: 2007-02-06

By taking the tools of parametric design into the domain of urbanism, the power of the parametric paradigm can potentially be harnessed to build up urban fields with a new level of ordered complexity. The lecture will present a series of relevant projects and investigate our capacity to perceive, conceive and navigate the spatial complexity of a coherent urban field.

Patrik Schumacher has taught at the AA DRL since 1996 and is partner at Zaha Hadid Architects. In 1999 he completed his PhD at the Institute for Cultural Science, Klagenfurt University. His contribution to the discourse of contemporary architecture is also evident in his writings (Digital Hadid, London 2004) as well as in his work as a curator (Latent Utopias, Graz 2002).


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