Nature of Nature

Special Mention
2009 Skyscraper Competition

Luis Longhi, Christian Bottger, Carla Tamariz

Nature of Nature
Nature of Nature

Nature of Nature is a proposed skyscraper near Machu Picchu, Peru that will be used for different cultural activities and as temporal residence for visitors to the archeological site.

The skyscrapers will be attached to the mountains by a series of anchors or ‘morphological extensions’ that collect and distribute energy from the jungle. It is designed as a structural mesh for programmatic cells of different sizes for public and private spaces. Its façade is conceived as a flexible membrane that allows different micro-climates and collects water from the constant fog and energy from the sun. The grouping of various cell clusters will create residual spaces for cultural and recreational activities.

Nature of Nature
Nature of Nature Board 1
Nature of Nature
Nature of Nature Board 2

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