Liulin Skyscraper: Communist Experience Center

Honorable Mention
2018 Skyscraper Competition

Peitong Liu

Liulin Skyscraper: Communist Experience Center

Though a socialist country, there are some unequal phenomena in People’ Republic of China. Liulin is a small county along Yellow River in Shanxi Province of People’s Republic of China. With its abundant coal resources underground, the county has developed rapidly and its urban area has been expanded fast within recent decades. Especially in the past ten years, the gap between rich and poor is growing greatly with its coal prices rising, which has been embodied distinctly in the urban space. This project is intended to design a complex building which reflects equality and ensures everyone to be treated equally.

The development of human society is full of various unfair phenomena, but mankind has never given up its pursuit of equality and equality has also manifested itself in many aspects with the development of society. This design starts from the equality of 12 aspects, and studies its realistic or imaginary space of equality, refining the prototype of the space and getting the basic elements of designing this building.

Liulin Skyscraper: Communist Experience Center

Liulin Skyscraper: Communist Experience Center


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