My First Motion Design Portfolio — Otis Grad & Blind CD Greg Gunn

A look back at an uncomfortable moment in time… My first design portfolio with Greg Gunn. Greg shares what his portfolio looked like back in 2006 as a recent graduate of Otis College of Art and Design.

Before he directed music videos and tv spots, Greg Gunn was part of the directing collective known as the Three Legged Legs— all friends from school. What was his work like as a student? Take a look.

Awkward moments in store.

Greg Gunn

1:07 Q: When did you graduate from design school?
2:50 Design Portfolio Review – National Geographic
5:20 Review – 3d Animation Rubik’s Cube
6:32 Review – Motion Graphics Project
7:27 Review – 3D animation – Happy Holidays
8:45 Review – Fuse Channel Id Video
9:55 Review – X Games Rebrand/Storyboard Sequence
13:40 Q: Did the art director give you any direction/guidance on this work?
14:10 Q: Did the company win the pitch?
14:15 Review – X Games Storyboard Sequence: Take Two
16:06 Review – Athletes X-ray Concept
17:17 The tendency for inexperienced designers is to layer on things. If you have a strong concept, you won’t need many extras.
19:43 Getting better at design takes time.

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