How Much Does A Logo Design Cost In 2019!? (Explained)

Learn the methods and techniques that will help you price your logo designs, effectively! You might be underselling your time and your skills in the graphic design field, or you may even be overpricing yourself and your logo designs, which will result in few if any sales. Todays video will help you price your designs more realistically and efficiently, hopefully enabling you to score more clients.

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So to answer that question, how much for a logo design? It really does depend on so many factors including your graphic design portfolio, your marketing as a designer, and also the logo design project scale. I go into this in the video with more detail. Also I have a list of logo designs, and their prices at the end of the video. This actually is a game of 5 logo designs, and you need to guess their prices. But the entire video today aims to help you know how much to sell your logo designs for!

Do let me know what you think about todays topic, do you understand the value of your logo designs and your services? Has this video helped you have some insight into the topic, and of course what did you think about the 5 logo designs at the very end of the video? I’m curious and keen to hear your perspectives, so do pop a comment down there letting me know of your thoughts. If you want to see more logo design based videos here at Satori Graphics, let me know that as well 🙂

Some resources on this topic:

How much does a logo design cost?

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