Legally Speaking | Copyright & Trademark Infringement Attorney Stuart Carroll on Facebook Live PT 1

How can you protect your design or ideas from being stolen? When should you sue a client if they refuse to pay? Time to call an attorney for legal advice. Chris Do sits down and interviews Copyright & Trademark Infringement attorney, Stuart Carroll on Facebook Live. Chris also gives us a look into his own experience as a business owner dealing with the legal system.

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Stuart Carroll ( is a Boston University School of Law graduate and board member of California Lawyers for the Arts who specializes in copyright & trademark protection and infringement.

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Use to help identify theft of your images online.

0:28 Intro
1:44 Meet Stuart Carroll
3:01 The difference between litigation and transactional attorneys
3:41 Chris Do seeks Stuart Carroll’s legal advice
10:56 What to do when the client disappears and doesn’t pay?
11:59 What kind of agreements define legal terms with a client?
14:55 How much does it cost to have a lawyer draft your business’s legal terms?
18:15 “It’s better to get the job done.”
19:06 What is, “Work for Hire?”
20:33 What are Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)?
21:58 How can you protect your work from being stolen?
22:49 Copyright law doesn’t protect ideas, but the expression of ideas.
23:54 A “Substantial Similarity” Analysis
24:48 When can I sue?
25:56 Mark’s sticky situation

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