Is strategy for creatives who can’t design? Is there too much hype around strategy? Pt. 1/3

Marc Posch meets Chris Do on his turf at Blind to debate whether or not strategic thinking and user-centric design are just crutches for practitioners who lack serious visual chops.

Marc Posch ( is, like Chris Do, an Art Center alumni. How could two designers cut from the same cloth have differing stances?

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About Marc Posch…

“Swiss-born Marc Posch founded the Marc Posch Design Office in Munich/Germany. Under his leadership, the company developed a reputation for innovative thinking and design that helped his clients grow. His office created brand and design concepts for over 300 technology companies such as Apple Germany and BMW as well as numerous start-ups, and worked on various marketing campaigns in the world of European commerce. Marc relocated to Southern California in 2000. Based in Downtown Los Angeles ever since, Marc Posch Design, Los Angeles (MPD/LA) continues to thrive through the collaborative energy of a dedicated team of talents under Marc’s leadership.”


00:24 Marc – I feel that strategy thinking is valuable, but is used as an excuse to enter the design agency
02:02 Strategy Smategy: Why defining a plan to achieve a common objective is needed
04:54 Q: How is strategy important to you as a creative?
05:39 Most people don’t follow the marketing briefs
06:23 Q: What is the problem with the current discussion around strategy?
07:20 Research and strategy can mean different things to different people
07:52 Empathy: The key to becoming a great designer and solving problems
08:25 Marc – It’s important to me to justify design.
09:19 Justify: become a persuasive communicator to win the creative war with clients
10:05 Move away from the Ta-da moment / big reveal
11:55 What questions are you asking?
12:41 Traditional design vs. CORE
13:52 Natural progression to a finished collaborative design

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