Is Now a Good Time To Be A Designer?

Is it a good time to be a designer? First ask me anything episode with Chris on the newly minted set.

1:10 Is it a good time to be a graphic designer or creative?
5:04 What traits are beneficial to designers besides typical courses in design?
6:05 What would you recommend for new design school graduates?
8:40 How can I get the most out of an internship or apprenticeship?
11:15 What would you recommend for people who don’t have access to great internships?
14:00 Why can’t I learn on the internet vs. going to school?
16:00 What risk do you take by going out on your own?
18:45 What happens when you don’t deliver to your clients? How can you fail?
21:30 How can I be transparent without appearing weak to my client? Let’s role play.
22:15 How can I be more confident when I tackle my first design job for a real client?
25:30 How do designers negotiate against themselves?
28:00 How do you know when you’ve found the right mentor?
29:30 How do I find a mentor and ask?

While Jose is on vacation, Chris takes on all questions in our version of Ask Me Anything. It’s a frank and open discussion with studio guests Karen, Aaron and Matt. He answers your questions about work, money, career and offers up advice.

Also, check out the new set and lighting direction. This is a sign of things to come.

Weifu Wen’s summary and key takeaways:
1. empathy and imagination makes a designer great.
2. Don’t mistake value with price. Try to put a dollar value on everything so that I can manage my money easier.
3. Rationalize the risks. For example: fear of being a fool, money issues and so on.
4. (my fav) Under promise, over deliver.
5 Seek people who you admire and ask to intern for them. 6. Just don’t be a creep in a social environment!

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