How To: Stay Creatively Motivated and Inspired & Dealing With Clients With BAD TASTE

Creative motivation. How to develop, maintain and build it. As a designer, how do i stay motivated? How can I find inspiration and avoid burnout in the creative process?

This is the second in the AMA series with students from the Art Center Business Club.

00:40 Love to learn
02:00 Stay Curious– pursue a life of learning
02:20 5 year burn out cycle
04:00 Clients with horrible bad taste. Should I just bite the bullet or quit?
04:50 What’s the value exchange?
06:05 Have an objective vs. subjective measure of what success.
07:00 diagnose the problem before prescribing solutions
07:23 Win Without Pitching Manifesto by Blair Enns
08:25 Chris Do Business Designer page

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