How to be more relatable? Jose is back and tells Chris how.

Are you being true to yourself? What can you do to be more relatable and connect with others? Guess who is back? None other than Jose Caballer.

He’s back…

Let us know what you think. Yin and yang. Flow vs Do. Heart and head.


1:45 Find your natural patterns by being in touch with the little you
6:27 Q: What is the core of who you are?
7:59 Are your personal brand attributes in alignment with you actually are?
8:52 We sometimes put up a wall because we don’t want to let people know who we are inside
11:40 By climbing tethered and gradually with calculated risks, if you happen to fall you do not fall far
13:00 The design industry has a problem with ego
14:21 A large part of being relatable is sharing your struggles without polish
17:28 The more experienced a client is, the more they can see through facades
19:10 Allowing relationships to be deep requires vulnerability
22:54 The ability to connect and flow with people is a skill
26:07 By keeping your guard up, you disallow great people from entering your life
28:04 Go beyond collaboration into co-creation
31:09 In collaboration, the goal supersedes everything. In Co-creation, everyone puts a piece of themselves into the collective.
33:30 Q: Why is authenticity important to design?

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