How She Went From Charging $0 to $5k For Strategy in 6 Months Ep. 9

Where has Melinda LIvsey been? What has happened to her since coming on the show? How did she go from charging $0 to $5,000 for strategy? Find out.

2:38 I went from not doing strategy at all (using a questionnaire as my “strategy,” I would say). I wasn’t charging for that, and now I am charging. I’m leading with that.

6:19 Could you describe to me where you’re at currently? As far as where you want to grow? I hear you wanna grow, so that’s your ideal. And you want to continue to grow, so that’s your ideal.

7:05 Well, it sounds like (from what I’m hearing) your ideal client…Are they feeling the same thing that you are, too? Are you losing them? Are you gaining them?

7:25 I would be writing down where you are and then I would be writing down your ideal, so that they can see it visually and we’re both looking at something together. Then I would break it down: where the middle is (this is your aim), so I start asking you questions: “What’s an attainable goal about midway between where you are now and where you wanna be? What would that look like to you?”

8:06 Those are the tasks that will get us to that goal, [but] what does that goal actually look like for your company?

8:58 An attainable goal that I’m hearing is that, it would be that you’re proud of your company, and that you would want to go around and that you want to be proud of it.

11:53 That more stands for something that is aligned with your business plan, and this is more aligned with how you reach your ideal client.

18:53 Why would I do that now? Because of the reasons that I was telling you, that, as the client, one, I know that it’s not necessarily (I don’t know this for sure, but) it’s not necessarily gonna reach their goal, and so, if everything’s not in alignment as far as strategy and their goals and we’re not getting anywhere, we’re just checking things off a list.

19:45 – “What makes you so special? Because I give advice out to strangers on the Internet, I give advice to the coaching group, one-on-one coaching…Why, why were you able to achieve what they weren’t able to achieve? ”

21:10 – “Just do the first small, very small step. Whatever that is. For me, it was: Learn how to do strategy. The second one, it was: Get someone to agree to let me do strategy for them for their company.”

24:03 It is a special somebody that can just take a little bit of information and even though it’s counter to everything that they’ve done before that moment, yet you’re willing to just move forward without sitting there and thinking, over-analyzing, over-thinking, and die a death of paralysis by analysis.

24:55 First, it’s my beliefs. Because I feel that my accomplishments don’t define who I am. That who I am is, is not attached to what I do, or what I accomplish, or even the things that I fail with or fail doing. The second one is, I believe it is in my personality to just do things. When opportunities come to you, when things that you learn come up, that you just embrace them. Kind of like what Chris always tells us: Embrace and pivot.

27:08 There is fear there, but to me, for me, the excitement is…it overshadows the fear.

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