How Do I Get More Work & Scale My Design Business? w/Aaron Pierson (Pt.2)

Chris Do sits down with Aaron Pierson in the part 2 finale of this two-part series. If you haven’t watched part 1 yet, do so now. Then come back for the episode to get some tips on getting work and growing your design business.

Watch PT 1:

“How do I scale my design practice and get more work consistently?” This is a question that many agencies and freelancers are currently asking themselves in the creative field. A better question might be, “How do I scale my business without sacrificing myself?” The price of doing business is always a consideration, and Chris Do is here to make this point perfectly clear.

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00:51 Q: How to Get More Consistent Work?
01:45 Create Certainty: Get 3-6 months of runway to keep your team going through unpredictable times.
03:28 Define your goal.
04:44 Know your minimum level of engagement.
03:00 Q: How do I Scale?
05:20 Law Of Contrast: Bracket your price.
08:20 Facilitate: Listen-Synthesize-Repackage.
11:23 Selling Discovery: Helping people make progress through clarity.
12:03 Q: How to ask for referrals?
13:55 Showcase Drop-dead gorgeous websites as calling cards.
16:31 Networking: Planting seeds/casting lines in the water.

Key Takeaways

Ask clients how you can help them get to the next big milestone.
Know your burn rate. Get 3-6 Months of runway to cover all expenses.
If you are already working at full capacity, increase your rates.
Know your minimum level of engagement.
Your network is your net worth. – Jim Rohn
Create value if you want to be valuable.
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