AMATEUR vs PRO DESIGN *Technical Aspects*

What is the difference between amateur and professional graphic design, in terms of the final artwork when sent to a client? Tune in today and see what kind of aspects make your artwork professional or not, and tips to improve the set up of your graphic designs.

Some of these tips are things I’ve already covered, but today I needed to add every single one of these points, as they are all relevant to this subject. You need to make sure to go over them, and refer back to your work when sending designs to a client. It’s important to come across as professional for your image as a designer, but also it just makes life easier for whoever is trying to access and use your design later down the line.

So for example, it can be so annoying if a fellow graphic designer sends me a design, and objects are locked, or things are nor set up professionally. It is good etiquette, and you should start to make such habits as second nature in your graphic design workflow.

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0:12 Clutter Around Art Board
0:57 Not Aligned
2:00 Expand Strokes
2:43 Too many Anchor Points
4:34 Objects Locked
5:10 Anomalies
5:55 Design sent without fonts

Those of you disagreeing with sending and Ai file to a client,
you should be sending the following; Ai, PDF, JPG, PNG and maybe EPS if they request so.
You send Ai because that is the native file, and changes can be made at a later date by the client or a different designer, and the Ai is the best for this reason.
If you want more confirmation check here
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A Designers Guide to Creating Logo Files

and also here

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5 Things I WISH I KNEW As A Young Designer:

How To Save Illustrator Preference Settings:

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