Equity as Compensation

In this live conversation on the business of design, Chris Do and Jose Caballer discuss how designers can get paid outside of traditional compensation models. They share their personal experience, discuss how equity (owning a portion of your client’s company) can impact a practice’s financial growth, and how designers should expand beyond products and services into “Venture Design,” where they reap direct benefits from their talent through partnership and shared growth.

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1:01 Methods of getting more potential value instead of cash only payments for your services.
2:48 Q: What motivated you to start trading value and time for equity?
4:50 Q: What is the structure/equity stake in most of your deals?
7:33 How the agency and startup business models differ.
9:40 How to invest your time and skills in equity deals with defined boundaries.
12:37 Determine what the companies business model & exit strategy is and how it’s going to be executed before you join.
14:40 What is a company valuation?
18:04 Giving up 10% of something is worse than keeping 100% of nothing.
22:20 Build a community to craft a portfolio of diverse startup equity investments
28:53 Benefits of being a T-Shaped Creative

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