Live UX Design with Matt D. Smith 1/3

Join design director Matt D. Smith as he teaches us a new approach to human-centered design! Today, Matt will begin developing the user experience for an iOS app in Adobe XD! Based on the “Utopia” design brief Matt develops a travel app for Utopians! Today he will work on the home screen and onboarding experience. If you want to learn how Matt develops valuable user interfaces, stick around!

Matt is the owner and design director at Studio MDs and creator of AIUX! AIUX is his approach to rapidly performing UX design in Adobe Illustrator CC.


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►Check out the design brief:
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Research and content ideation: 6:00
Low fidelity design: 12:20
How to use UI kits to get a headstart: 15:00
How to do a live preview in Adobe XD: 41:30
How to share assets with CC Libraries: 45:10
How to do background blur in Adobe XD: 1:18:00
How to publish design specs: 1:29:30

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