Creating 3D Lettering Effects in Photoshop with Angelo Konofaos – 1 of 2

Watch and learn alongside graphic and typography designer Angelo Konofaos on Adobe Live as he shares how to create 3D lettering effects! In this two-part series, he’ll take you through his entire design process, from the initial sketch in Adobe Illustrator to the final composition in Photoshop. Stick around for his tips and trips on how to make two different styles of lettering cohesive.

Guest Angelo Konofaos is a graphic & typography designer based in London, UK:

Host Chris Blackstock is an illustrator, concept artist, taste-maker, and donut eater, based in CA: |

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:57 Intro to Angelo’s work
06:27 Sketch and plan for today’s work
10:37 Overview of the vectoring process in Illustrator
20:26 Moving the lettering over to Photoshop
22:21 Working with the Mixer Brush
28:10 How Angelo came up with his style
31:10 Working on the BLEND lettering
36:31 Mixing 3D and 2D
42:02 Previewing the composition – making edits
46:35 Overlapping the type – painting shadows
53:52 Pen pressure/stylus vs. mouse control
55:06 Clean masks for shadows using pen tools in PS
57:47 Experimenting with the effects – highlights for effect
1:01:20 Example of Angelo’s animation with type
1:03:30 Continuing with the shadows
1:05:48 Highlight and shadow colors
120:19 Focusing on highlights – secondary lights
1:27:14 Painting into a layer mask for a bg effect
1:30:57 Adding strokes to highlight the lettering w/pen tool
1:40:20 Using gaussian blur to push back the highlights
1:43:20 Creating overlap with an underline stroke
1:49:30 Cutting out shapes with/shadows
1:53:02 Recap and what’s next for the lettering composition


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