Penthouse L

Vienna, Austria The apartment and its three-sided terrace sail like a yacht above the rooftops of Vienna. An exciting interplay of luxurious materials and simple forms...


Location: Kiev region, Ukraine Square: 150 sq.m Project year: 2017 Source: by is licensed under cc by-nc-nd (

Metamorphosis Penthouse

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Tavistock Penthouse Living space

Tavistock Project - Apartment No. 4 "Penthouse"                                        Thanks for watching!You can also follow us on Instagram

North Penthouse Pt. lll

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Park Hoog Oostduin | CGI


The Penthouse

The PenthouseThe project of my company. I redesigned it myself. I wish you like it.

R57 Penthouse

R57 / Pop Art Style PenthouseOn the 48th floor of the Midtown TLV Apartment Tower in Tel-Aviv, Israel.Designed by Architect Raz Melamed. Building Architect : Moshe Tzur Architects. Below is a panoramic view from the apartment taken by Raz, overlooking the city of Tel-Aviv. You can see our office and various projects we've been involved with over the years! Thanks…


sp_penthouse São Paulo, Brazil studio mk27 Residential Interior Design, Furniture, Lighting Design, Luxury, Real Estate Project's author and co-authors: Marcio Kogan, Diana...