EXPO 2015 Milano Info Pavilion / AC-CA Competition

 Every year at the expo almost all participating nations are trying to surpass each other in architectonical way. They are trying to bring the chroud to their own pavilion. The information pavilion is a piece of it´s own in terms of it´s architectural concept. It is the starting point for visitors, for tours and a…

Swedish Pavilion

Bridge/ Exhibition Trail, 2014

Barcelona Pavilion

Chapter 1Barcelona PavilionMies Van der Rohe Working with non-commissioned projects besides commercial give us a possibility to explore several techniques, visions, aesthetics, and new approach’s which it influences directly our future commercial works, as well, in our company growth.This project starts as a small fragment of our new audacious project called “Iconic Architecture” which will be…

Forest Pavilion

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Triangular pavilion

TRIANGULAR PAVILIONTools: 3ds Max, Vray, Photoshop2018


Custore is an experimental project of exhibition pavilion that explores the areas of parametric architecture, used for the commercial market. In this project we had to deal not only with the aesthetic issues of computer-generated sculptural forms, but also with practical problems associated with the execution of the project inside a commercial building, and -…

Polish Pavilion | Expo 2020 Dubai

Polish Pavilion | Expo 2020 DubaiCompetition entry | 1st prizeDubai  | United Arab EmiratesArchitect: WXCAIllustration: Vivid-VisionFor more projects, visit out website:

Austrian Pavilion – EXPO 2015 Milano

'Austria. Naturally yours.'  The Austrian Pavilion for the Expo 2015 in Milano, designed and eaten by its visitors.proposed by Penda and Alexander Daxböck 'Feeding the Planet' - the overal topic of the 2015 Expo in Mailand - gives Austria the chance to show what is really great about food in Austria - the quality. No other…

[C]space DRL10 Pavilion

Location: London - 2008. Singapore - 2009Completion: March 2008[C]space DRL10 Pavilion is an advanced technology concrete structure that was first erected in Bedford Square, London to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Architectural Associations Design Research Lab. The project was designed and developed in collaboration with Alvin Huang, AKT and members of the AADRL.
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