BIG Graphic Design Trends 2021. (You'll need to know)

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Design trends have always been around and used by many designers throughout the world. It’s important to know what these trends are and how they can be used. Most importantly, it’s vital to know whether you should be using design trends or whether you should stay away from them.

In this video I show you all the graphic design trends (mainly logo design) and how they’re going to be influencing the world of design this year. If you’re looking to see if you should use trends yourself for design work, then make sure you understand what they’re for and why they’re used. Logo design trends are normally an evolution within design, it’s not normally a phase that comes and goes. Logo design and graphic design is always evolving it’s uses due to technological change, so it’s always best to look at why these trends are happening this year and what you can expect when allowing your ideas to be influenced by them.

Credit to the logos seen in the video:

0:00 Intro
0:19 Vintage Modern
1:51 Increased Saturation
2:56 Sketched Design
3:37 Nature
4:33 Reduction
6:40 Overlapping Assets
7:45 Color Family Brands
9:16 Should you use design trends?
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