Experimental Typography Design Critique Wk 07

How to create more expressive typography? How to get more analog styles with your digital work? Get your hands dirty and feel the type in your hands. This is the chance for serendipity, randomness, and more lyrical type. Milka Broukhim returns and shows how you can mix materials and process to create beautiful “happy accidents”.

(7 of 7) Welcome to the Typography Week 7 Critique

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How can you improve your typography designs without the help of professional instructors? We understand that the design process can be tough without guidance through the process. If you want to learn why basic typography skills matter, this critique is for you.

In this episode, we asked students from our Typography 01 class to submit their assignments to receive critiques. Chris Do and Milka Broukhim conduct the critique live and review multiple student projects, good and bad!

In this part 7 of 7 critique episodes, we will review the concept of grouping sections based on importance and hierarchy. They will test their skills with no limits on this experimental typography design exercise.

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Milka Broukhim
IG: milka.broukhim.design
FB: Milka Broukhim Design
Web: www.Milka.Design

3:41 – Everything you can do with experimental*
7:00 – The for-fathers of experimental
10:00 – David Carson’s book
15:00 – Experimental poster examples
20:00 – Collage type examples
30:00 – Experimental critique examples
50:00 – rag tips
52:00 – don’t fight legibility
1:00:00 – the key to good experimental examples*
1:10:00 – Milka gets hands on experimenting on physical designs
1:33:00 – what happens when you let go*
1:40:00 – Milka trying some new stuff. You need to become an octopus*
1:45:00 – If you want to change your style, change the tools
1:48:00 – The things to keep in mind when making experimental posters
1:57:00 – Chris gets into critiques

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