🔴 Grow Your Audience on Social Media (Strategies & Tools)

Episode 2, we check back in w/ Robert and see how he’s doing with growing his audience on YouTube and Instagram. He needs some help, so the Futur team is there to provide some concrete advice on strategies and tools.

In the first episode Chris and Robert discussed how to build a passive income with knowledge products. It’s been a couple of months and now we’re going to catch up with what Robert has done.

Watch episode 1 here: https://youtu.be/Mlmwf7M8aJ8

Robert is a well known motion graphic designer who has had a very successful career. He teaches, lectures all over the world, but has never considered what happens if he’s unable to work. How will he support his family of 4? How will they get on without him should tragedy strike.

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06:03 – What can I do and how can I leverage my experience for passive income
10:14 – It has its ups and downs
13:26 – Rework
17:30 – How Matthew got 600k+ views
21:46 – How to get people to find you
27:06 – Matt’s tips for how to get views
40:56 – All you need are 1000 TRUE fans
46:04 – Do not go past the sale
49:11 – Robert’s best client lesson to learn from
56:04 – Story telling
1:11:02- Does the lack of social media dismiss your credibility?
1:13:41 – How Robert balances family, business, and passive income
1:16:00 – The secret to family life
1:19:56 – Matthews tips on how to grow your audience
1:27:00 – Recap

1000 True Fans

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