Working w/ Clients—Ben Tells All What Really Happens Behind Closed Doors

Is what Chris saying just BS for the cameras? Or does he actually do what he says on the show? It’s been a little over 6 months since Ben Burns joined the Blind/Futur team. Prior to that, he was a member of the community building his business. Now that he’s on the inside, he tells all about what the differences are like behind closed doors. How does reality measure up to what is portrayed on the channel? Find out when Ben Burns tells all.

We go deep on this episode so get your notebook ready. Want to compete in the major leagues? Here’s what it’s going to take as you move up from the minor leagues. What are the differences between small clients and big clients? How do they view money and time differently? This + more!

01:26 The Call – What have you learned from the client calls that we’ve done?
02:52 Have clear roles and responsibilities outlined before the call
03:55 Embrace and pivot – Manage the energy of the call
04:25 Q: Did it surprise you how little I prep for a client call?
07:24 Having the same motivation of making the clients business succeed is powerful.
07:46 Practice being attuned to the needs and wants of others.
09:21 Unpacking – take apart loaded questions and address the most important concern
11:31 Show up empty – prepare, but get rid of your expectations, attachment and negative energy to be fully present.
13:55 Q: What have you learned from how we pitch?
14:35 How solopreneurs look at money, versus multi-billion/multi-national business view money.
15:46 Telling stories is immensely powerful
16:47 Q: How do you see me using story as tool in the onboarding process?
20:10 Scarcity & Abundance – Do I have to change my approach to get higher budget projects?
23:03 No matter where you live, there are bigger and better sized jobs available
24:35 Having alot to prove – dealing with insecurity and accepting my limitations
30:59 Imposter Syndrome – lack of ability to own strengths
31:47 Ask trusted people to point out the strengths that they see in you and accept them
33:34 Small business owners who think small aren’t real business people.
37:54 The value of hard work versus the value of ideas.

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