Vertical Traditional Chinese Village

Honorable Mention
2017 Skyscraper Competition

Zhang Bo, Liu Shuman

Vertical Traditional Chinese Village
Vertical Traditional Chinese Village

For a long time, ancient Chinese people have unlimited desire for the mysterious sky. Many years ago, China experienced the era of exploring the high-rise building, such as high-platform building, Tasha, and so on, even our ancient emperor Wei also want to build a super high palace. All of the stories show our ancestors’ aspirations and creative ideas for the high-altitude buildings. Cultural inheritance is considered as a significant design element in the development of exploring the high-rise buildings. We should solve the ecological issues by using our science and technological methods and try our best to preserve our historical cultures.

Human destroy nature, break and disorder the balance of original ecological system. Our plan try to consider architecture as a special medium to better the relationship among human and nature and recover the balance of ecological system.

We use the traditional design forms to solve the environmental problems and preserve the regional cultural context. Analyze and reorganize the functions in multiple ways to create a living complex with the local cultural significance. We try to use Chinese painting comfortable and free expression forms to plan and design architecture to strengthen the contacts between different people, human and nature.

Our plan creates a modular relationship between the part and the whole of the project by applying the unique timberwork to the design. It is similar to the relationship between wood structure, brackets and small components of windows and doors in the design of stupa. All of the components maintain their own independence and have different metabolic cycles. It forms a kind of “vertical village”based on culture. Building treatment is considered as an “unfinished form” to adapt to the development and dynamic change of city.


Vertical Traditional Chinese Village
Vertical Traditional Chinese Village Board 1
Vertical Traditional Chinese Village
Vertical Traditional Chinese Village Board 2

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