UX Design 2: How To Design a Website: User Stories

How to create and write a user story/customer journey.
Jose and Chris (J&C) work on a client’s project: The Ole’s Fishing Lodge Website Redesign, and develop User Stories.

User Stories: You are building the narrative of how a user experiences a site, so that you can design features that anticipate a user’s needs, improve their experience and helps them accomplish their goals.

The key to creating an intuitive website is User Experience Design: getting inside the user’s mind to understand their needs and wants and create a complete website experience for them.

To do this effectively is very difficult.

Jose and Chris, two veteran designers and the creators of The Skool, have spent years developing their own brand of user experience design called CORE: a step by step framework for designing intuitive websites.

This involves creating a narrative based on the full life cycle of the user’s experience. From how they first find the website or application, to how they engage, how they repeat and how they refer.

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