Turn Your Artwork into Prints with Ana Duje – 2 of 2

Join illustrator Ana Duje on Adobe Live as she shares how to turn your illustrations into prints! In part 1, she’ll start with her initial sketch and cover time-saving tips and tricks before adding color and texture to her design. Stick around for part 2 as she shares how to create simple animations in Photoshop and how to prepare your artwork for print!

Guest Ana Duje is an illustrator and printmaker based in Barcelona, Spain: https://www.behance.net/anaduje

Host Anika Aggarwal is a Graphic Designer and Creative Streamer based in Toronto, Canada: https://www.behance.net/anikaagg

Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/adobelive
00:00 Start
01:35 Recap of day 1 and what’s planned for today
06:57 Adding roughen to the illustrator
08:19 Behance template
14:09 Creating artboards – prepping for print
15:26 Custom shortcuts
22:09 Printing specifications
26:15 Ana animating process – animating prep frame by frame
31:38 Showing animation client work
39:09 Evaluating a client’s needs – know expectations
47:33 Freelance and contracts
54:35 Continuing to create frames in Illustrator
1:01:49 Creating the animation in Photoshop
1:10:02 Previewing the animated .gif
1:14:35 Prepping for animation in After Effects – naming and grouping layers
1:16:25 Ana process of print preparation
1:24:21 Discussing printing bleed
1:28:13 Expanding shapes with roughen applied
1:30:15 Artist Spotlight of See Naeme https://www.behance.net/seenaeme
1:41:20 Chat poll for what we do next
1:42:58 Ana’s Guidelines for illustration and type usage
1:46:41 Format guidelines
1:48:33 Providing assets through Creative Cloud Libraries
1:50:27 Virgin Media illustration guidelines
1:52:07 Recap of day 1&2


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