The TRUTH about the Apple Logo 🤯

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The Apple logo is surrounded by mystery and questions. There are so many stories on what the Apple logo means and why it was designed the way it is.

The truth behind the Apple logo and why it has a bite in the logo isn’t because a computer is made up of bytes, or because of a man who died by eating a poisoned apple, or because of the temptation at the Garden Of Eden – it was purely down to simplicity and the discovery of something hard to explain but made so simple: Apple.

The bite in the Apple logo has made a lot of people who aren’t professional designers curious and question why it’s there, again there are so many stories and tales about this, but the simple truth is all down to functionality.

The bite in the Apple Logo is there because the designer of the Apple logo thought the apple looked more like a cherry when it was scaled down. This makes a lot of sense because of the way the logo can be used. Something so simple has to be effective at many different sizes, so making sure the apple looks like an apple at small sizes is imperative for the brand.


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