The Power of AR with Luke Choice – 1 of 2

Learn how to bring your 2D and 3D designs together into an interactive augmented reality experience using Aero, Photoshop, and After Effects with Luke Choice. He’ll take you through his full creative process from scanning images to prepping your layers to applying triggers and behaviors!

Guest Luke Choice is the founder and artist at Velvet Spectrum based in Astoria, OR:

Host Wade Acuff is an artist and Adobe Live mentor based in Jackson, Mississippi:

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
01:20 Introduction of Luke
03:10 A closer look at Velvet Spectrum projects
05:20 Project overview
07:30 Work begins in Aero
08:50 Previewing asset animations
09:50 Where to access starter assets within Aero
10:10 Applying a behavior for your asset
11:50 Exploring the position settings of an asset
14:20 Creating your own custom behavior
19:50 Advice for organizing your Aero projects and files
24:50 Where did Luke get the idea for this project?
28:20 Which apps doe Luke use to model and texture his assets?
33:20 Setting movement and triggers
41:00 Exploring preset starter packs + masking layers with assets
43:50 A demo of how Aero triggers are recognized
47:45 Creating custom borders using assets and ornaments
01:01:20 Helpful Keyboard shortcuts
01:17:00 Customizing a graphic banner
01:18:55 Working in After Effects
01:21:45 Applying default effects to elements in After Effects
01:23:00 Using Adobe Media Encoder
01:24:45 Importing custom animated assets into Aero
01:29:25 Rotation snapping in Aero
01:32:10 Sharing projects from Aero
01:33:40 Working in Photoshop
01:36:00 Importing photoshop creating into Aero
01:40:35 Using other objects as a project size reference
01:46:00 Creating the final project sequence
01:47:45 Applying a gradient maps in photoshop
01:54:10 Recap of work from Day 1


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