Should you charge by hour or by project? (Value based pricing) 👌

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I’ve been in the design industry for nearly ten years, and something I’ve learnt is that if you’re going to increase your pricing and pay packets, you shouldn’t be charging hourly – at all.

Charging hourly for logo design or graphic design services at first would seem like the best option – it means that you’re getting paid for the amount of time you’re taking on a project right? Wrong. Pricing hourly can be good for some industries, even for *few* design projects.

The problem designers face when charging hourly is when they get better at what they do, which also means you get faster and more efficient in your workflow. When this happens, you’ll realise you’re getting paid less for doing *better* and *faster* work.

When structuring your pricing as a graphic designer (or creative professional) by project, you’ll be less likely to have this this issue arise.

When charging by project, you’ll be able to work as fast, or as slow as the deadline allows without fears of being paid less. Whatever your contract and expectations you’ve lined up with your client have been is what goes. What you’ll soon realise is that you can make more money, whilst doing the work faster.

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In your design business you shouldn’t be paid less for doing better work faster and more efficiently.


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