Sensory Skyscraper

Honorable Mention
2016 Skyscraper Competition

Alexandr Pincov, Heng Chang
Moldova, China

Sensory Skyscraper
Sensory Skyscraper

Modernization and globalization symbolize human advancement in the 21st Century, but life in big “modern” cities is extremely pale, focusing only on work. Modernization, despite of all the conveniences it brings, it also devours people’s feelings, sensory information and emotions- the key ingredients of life.

The Sensory Skyscraper was conceived for on an island in the Yangtze River in the Chongqing Municipality, China. Landform, environment and climate deprive the local society of perceptual experiences. This project is a multifunctional laboratory of scientific exploration on human senses, perceptions, rehabilitation of sensory information, rehabilitation of experience effects, and rehabilitation of motivations and expectations etc.

This laboratory is a cube that consists of 6 pyramids with a side length of 100m. The shape of pyramid derives from a perception pyramid figure. The combination of 6 pyramids mirrors the way human brain works, different cortex processing different senses. Seen from outside, each pyramid has specific patterns which show the functional sectors inside. Every sector represents an open space for different types of perceptions and senses. Five magnetic flexible pillars support the cubes. The corridor system inside the pyramid links all units together vertically and horizontally.

The pyramids can be parted and move vertically since the cubic shape is control by magnetic power. With the coverage height of the magnetic power 600m and 100m lateral of pillars, the mobility of pyramids is completely secured. Magnetic power is invisible; so that the project looks like it is floating in the air the magnetic power is strictly controlled without harming nearby environment. The main entrance is at the bottom of the pyramid that has an elevation of 10m above the ground, so the only method to get in or out is through a magnetic floating vessel. The island is divided in modules of 20x20m for different purposes including 5 modules for supporting the cube itself, modules for floating vessels, storage, office, parks, shopping malls etc., making the island as multifunctional as the cube. Also the project can make full use of the island in this way. Down the riverbed are several pillars, which can rise to protect the island and buildings on it from water in wet season while fall to keep close to the water surface in dry season.

Once human beings regain their sensory perceptions they can better understand their origins, potentials, and natural environment, thus get rid of the downside of modernization and enjoy their life.

Sensory Skyscraper
Sensory Skyscraper Board 1
Sensory Skyscraper
Sensory Skyscraper Board 2

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