Metropolitan Veil

Special Mention
2009 Skyscraper Competition

Sung-Wook Kim, UF Association
South Korea

Metropolitan Veil
Metropolitan Veil

The Metropolitan Veil 2019 is a sustainable skyscraper designed for a business area in Seoul. It is an investigation on urban memories and their interconnection in a single place. Thus, new programs emerge from the mix of economic, cultural, and environmental conditions.

Prefabricated slab units are stacked on top of each other to create frames that allow different programs. These frames also work as structural elements connected to the vertical cores. Sunlight is controlled by a series of layers that constitute the exterior envelope with photovoltaic cells on the southern façade. On the other hand, wind turbines are located on the big openings of the façade.

Metropolitan Veil
Metropolitan Veil Board 1
Metropolitan Veil
Metropolitan Veil Board 2

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