Section in Isometric View with Photoshop

• Get the files from this video here:

• Original drawing from Jean baptiste de boisséson:

• Saboia+Ruiz school project:

• How to make Isometric Objects and Text:


Today’s video is about a different style of illustration. I wanted to do an isometric section with this playful mood. Using lots of patterns and a nice color pallete. The image reference from this video is amazing and very detailed, you should definetly check it out!

#pattern #isometric #section

Here are the colors hex codes used in this video:

Before adjust the colors:
Cyan/Blue: 7ab0c1
Yellow: ecdbad
Red: d9565b
Green: eefae0
Gray: eefae0

After the image was done I used the plugin Camera Raw that comes with photoshop to shift the hue of the cyan to more of a blue tint.


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